Hand of Rob

I came up with this construction when I saw a fellow citizen having a plastic hand, similar to the ones that dolls displayed in shops have. Therefore, I felt that I could construct a hand that could move with the movement of the other hand.

By looking up information on the Internet and with the help of a 3D printer, I managed to complete the robot hand. The materials consist of ABS plastic, ropes, metal screws, cables, motors and Arduino. Its weight is about 2 kg and its length is as long as an adult’s hand.

On the outside, its color is white with black on its wrist, it has an Arduino uno, and power supplier. On the inside, there are cables, five motors, plastic gears, metal screws and ropes that play the role of the human hand nerves.

Its function is based on an Arduino that receives the orders through cables. The Arduino controls and transmits the movement of the hand. A glove having five sensors on it and a plaque transmit the orders to the Arduino through five cables.

By programming in C++ language, I managed to create this robot hand with its fingers imitating the movements of a human hand. My aim is to develop this construction further.